What we do:

At Verotaro Marketing we provide your company with a marketing strategy based on a deep understanding and insight into how high value consumers make product and brand decisions. We research your clients; understand their behavior, their needs and their values. The marketing mantra, “Know your customer” is at the core of our strategy.

Our industry-leading performance measurement and analytics help to track and provide a deep understanding into the client’s complete purchase history and path. From the original strategy to implementation, our search engine optimization and media marketing packages are very individual, based on both your company and your clients. We help your company set the foundation of your future marketing and segmentation strategies.

For every marketing strategy that Verotaro Marketing delivers, we use web analytics to analyze your data, and A/B multivariate testing to optimize conversion rates. We then take this date to validate how beneficial a campaign will be.

At Verotaro Marketing, we work with you to achieve the results you want.

We hope we have provided you with an overview of our company and services. We encourage you to contact us directly for a deeper insight into our approaches and marketing strategies..

Verotaro Marketing provides a variety of internet marketing services to clients located worldwide. We are an SEO agency located in Toronto, Canada. We deliver from inception to final launch, strategic planning to design, build, and provide ongoing support for your online business.

Our services include:

• Search Engine Optimization

• Social Media Marketing

• Content Marketing

• Email Marketing

• Content Writing

• English and Spanish Editorial Services

• Website SEO audits

• Social Media audits

• Blog creation & maintenance

Reasonable rates for exceptional talent.  Contact us for further information on our rates.