Become an SEO Pro in 60 Seconds or Less

Author Yelena Shuster explains how you can become an SEO Pro in 60 seconds or less:

You’ve heard it here (and here and here) before: Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to popping up in Google’s holy grail of search results.

If you’re still unsure how to tackle SEO (and bring many more eyeballs to your site), start here:

1. Use Targeted Keyword Phrases. To land near the top of Google’s search results, you need to get granular in your metadata (which is how the engine tracks your site). The meta title is the blue headline in your search results, the meta description is the grey text below it. Make sure both of them (and your URL) have the same keyword phrase.

2. Master the Google Keyword Planner. The free tool shows you how people search. If you’re a tax company, instead of targeting something huge like “tax return” (which has a whopping 94,010 search results), try for something more specific like “cheap tax” (only 1,430 results) to show up closer to the top of the results page. (Numbers fluctuate daily)

3. Create Content Landing Pages. Each content page should have helpful articles that relate to your search keywords (like “cheap tax”). Don’t forget to tag headers, images, and videos with that phrase. Three- to four-word phrases perform better than more general keywords because there’s less competition (page 8 of the search results may as well be Siberia).

4. Feed Your YouTube Channel. Because videos are harder to produce, it’s easier to rank higher on YouTube. And if your idea’s good, you’re more likely to go viral with a video (LG Meteor prank, anyone?). Embed links in your video with your targeted keywords and voila! People will be flocking to your site like puppies on babies.

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