Search Engine Strategies Conference

One of the search engine strategies conferences our team regularly attends is the Search Engine Strategies conferences. If you are interested in learning the latest in search engine strategies and ideas, you should be booking your tickets for any of the Search Engines Strategy Conferences 2011 in your city, world-wide. What will you learn? You will learn a lot, you will meet some of the most brilliant people in the SEO and Social Media marketing world and you’ll have a good time.

This has to be the best SEO conference in the world. For knowledge acquisition in the field of search engine optimization strategy and the connections to people that are a part of this “movement.” Over a two day period in your city, there will be presentations made by some of the top SEO and Social Media Marketing experts in the world.

There will be presentations, site clinics and lots of knowledge to be acquired at the Search Engines Strategy conferences in the upcoming year, 2015. You’ll meet a whole crew of some of the most well known personalities in the search and social media world.

Is it it worth the price of about $1,300 for the two day attendance at the conference? Definitely. You’ll make connections to broaden your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook world. If you are still ignoring Social Media, you do so at your peril.